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January 7, 2021

I wanted to put a cherry or an almond in them before they became stiff, but I forgot to get some at the store…but I know they are going to be good either way! Is there an easier way to tell separation versus just not melting enough? Made them yesterday for my family and they tasted exactly like Royce. I even bought chocolate of different coca content to try to make it work. Thank youu!!! The consistency is that of a ganache and its velvety, softness melts in your mouth. The nama chocolate turns firmer and dries out as it sits in the fridge for an extended period, as such, I recommend consuming it within 2-3days for the best texture. But this is a copycat of Royce’ nama chocolate. Kẹo nama chocolate Thái thảo. just in general then – is there any way to combine the dark chocolate with any powders? They never last in this house. Basically nice squares. When I travel to Japan there is a whole bag of edible goodies I bring home with me. . She has tried this recipe with semi-sweet, but not milk chocolate before. I’ve never tried it, but I looked it up and yes you can melt and add cream/sugar and it works again. Think about when you fill the container with the nama chocolate mixture how far it will come up the sides of the container. Nama is crafted from cream, chocolate, and sometimes liqueurs; it's then dusted with fine cocoa and cut into rectangles to serve. Hershey should work… . , These look beautiful! I made it entirely without milk and I couldn’t taste the coconut in the chocolate after it was finished, either. Irresistible Green Tea Chocolate (Matcha Nama Chocolate) (抹茶生チョコレートの作り方) Green tea powder, or matcha (抹茶), has a unique bitter taste to it. Hi Aimee! . , Hi, Ling here from Malaysia . Hello! Hi Naomi, thank you for your reply. Thanks @gottalovethesethings , for bringing me some Royce Nama Chocolate! If you used high quality chocolate, then I have to see what else went wrong… so far, people who failed seem to have used the wrong kind of chocolate. What type of chocolate did you use? Place in the fridge to set for 3 – 4 hours. Would I have your permission to include this in my article if I make sure you are credited on the page? This is so cute! The only real hazard with making Nama Chocolate is that this melt in your mouth delight is way too easy to eat. It’s so strange… I’m sorry you can’t get the right consistency. Hi Shahreen! You may use half of all the ingredients., Hi Ria! Pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish and smooth the surface with the silicone spatula. Required fields are marked *, © Sara McCleary and Belly Rumbles® 2009-2020. You can’t really avoid it at the airport gift shops. Mainly I wanted to ask if you think it’s possible, at this point, to re-melt it all slowly, in an attempt to smooth it out, at least. If you want to do it nicely, you just need to focus a bit more and take time… for this picture, I made sure I don’t leave my finger print. Made with high quality chocolate, melted in heavy cream, chilled until it’s firm, cut and dusted with cocoa powder. Alternatively use a coarse grater and grate the chocolate. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed this chocolate. Puilengc, unfortunately matcha powder doesn’t prevent from melting, and the powder is so fine that it’ll be messy when you hold onto the chocolate. Made with white chocolate, butter, and cream and dusted with Japanese green tea powder, this decadent Green Tea Chocolate (or Matcha Nama Chocolate) is simply irresistible. It took me a while to cut all the chocolate but I made it! Hope this helps. Hi Shierly! Smooth silky chocolate made simply with rich dark chocolate and cream. It gets too soft to cut. Quick question, can I use cocoa nibs instead of chocolate for a slightly bitter taste? SO, my bro said that it tastes good but looks =_=|||, Hi Rein! Thank you very much for trying this recipe and giving me feedback though. Then cut the strips into cubes. I love matcha, and if you can share your recipe to make that, it’s great! Definitely would like to give this a try as your pics are just too appetizing. Using a clean knife, cut the chocolate into equal pieces. You live in Tasmania! Nama (生, pronounce [na-ma]) means raw or fresh in Japanese. This treat makes the most out of only the best cacao beans. Hmm it’s a bit hard to know without seeing how it was with my eyes… next time please send me a picture, which will help me give you better advice. Chocolate Wafers Maccha. How much liqueur should I add into a batch of the recipe? Thank you so much for following my blog and for your kind comment. This chocolate masterpiece is a popular gift item by travelers and chocolate lovers. , Oh my goodness this looks delicious and so easy! I recently discovered the Royce chocolates and was thinking to surprise my husband for his bday. I do not have a 8x8inches pan but a smaller one with 5×5 inches. ^_^ I’ll make them this weekend! . After you cut nama chocolate into cubes, you can pick up each chocolate and dust cocoa all over it (using fine mesh sieve, I use one I use that’s for tea here – it’s small so mess area is only the area above chocolate.). Thank you for this recipe, everyone who tastes them thinks they are the best chocolate. Then I added some Heering brand cherry liquor until I could smell the cherry aroma just a bit on the chocolate, and it was strong but not overwhelming to taste. Hi Nami, I love how your recipes are fuss free and easy to follow. October 15, 2020 By Sara McCleary Updated November 29, 2020 - This post may contain affiliate links, please read our discolsure policy. These are really awesome chocolates!! Oleander, you’re very kind and awesome! Now you can make it at home easily and package it to gift for your family and friends. Well, hopefully. At one point, the chocolate/coconut milk mixture became a little gritty and lumpy, but adding some of the liquid coconut milk from the can fixed that and it became smooth again without a problem., Hope you can adapt and make Nama Chocolate because it’s soooo good… . It would be ideal if you can throw all the ingredients and make it instead of 2 steps. Nama chocolate xuất phát từ Nhật, Nama là tên gọi tiếng Nhật của chocolate (socola) tươi Thay vì bọc chocolate bằng lớp vỏ cứng, người Nhật đã nghĩ đến việc dùng bột cacao để bao bọc viên chocolate tươi làm giảm nguy cơ vi khuẩn tấn công và tăng vị đặc trưng của chocolate High-quality chocolate is mandatory since that’s the most important ingredient for making delicious Nama Chocolate. The ratio of heavy whipping cream and chocolate should be 1:2. It’s all about preference – some people think dark chocolate is too bitter. If you can, I recommend you to cut nicely before packaging, so you can pick up a piece to enjoy. Obrigado por usar o tradutor para escrever para mim. Once the nama chocolate mixture has set, remove chocolate from the container and place on a chopping board. This treat makes the most out of only the best cacao beans. Now about the softness. Hi Raechel! The staff recommended the Nama Chocolate as their best selling and costs 105 dirhams per box. What about tea flavors? The chocolate doesn’t harden even though it’s been in the fridge for 5 hours, and half a day in the freezer and it’s like nutella or some kind of spread… How do you think should I go about with it? I also lived near a chocolate shop called ROYCE’. tempered chocolate is where i have to let the chocolate cool until a certain temperature and add cocoa butter right? , made this yesterday, it was really delicious!!! Hi Deborah! Thank you for trying this recipe. Like the formula you said at this topic: ” If you use 200 g of chocolate, then use 100 ml of heavy cream.”. Some readers who commented above live in Southeast Asia and said it started to melt while cutting. Dry well with a tea towel to remove all moisture. I didn’t use cream because I’m vegan, but I found that canned, full-fat coconut milk worked quite well (you’d need to used the canned variety because it’s different than the variety that is normally used as a beverage). Hello Nami. royce just came to nyc and i’m addicted. I’ve made this Nama chocolate for my son’s teachers day present. It looks like it’s best to use instant coffee (not liquid, that’s why). I haven’t tested the recipe, so it’s hard to say the exact measurement for each ingredients. May i ask your opinion then? It’s one of the most popular gifts from Japan, but you can easily make it at home. I want to do both milk and dark versions. I am going to try your recipe very soon! Very important to cut nicely! You can test by adding more cream but the white chocolate is already creamy so I would use less… . Hi Ria! I apologize for my late response. I am doing an article for valentines in a independent illustration zine and found this recipe which is wonderful. Hi Kara! Hope this helps! I think I know the reason because I’ve done it before. The chocolate should harden even with room temperature if you keep it for 5 hours, but we speed up the process by putting in the fridge. Royce Chocolate, New York City: See 21 unbiased reviews of Royce Chocolate, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #4,022 of 13,010 restaurants in New York City. Everything looked like mine till you pour and spread the chocolate evenly? I’m Shierly. was excited to hear that some good friends are coming from Indonesia! Do you live in a place with hot weather? Hi Mimi! to see if you like the amount? I bought a few boxes of royce chocolates from japan. wondering was it becos I used whipping cream instead of heavy whipping cream? We are so happy to hear it tasted really great.☺️ As for the texture, did you waiting for 5-10 minutes before serving? Nama Chocolate. Pocky. . I can’t wait to try them! However you like to enjoy your Maccha be it with a crunch or melting on your tongue, you can trust ROYCE’ to have you well sorted. Nama Chocolate without Liquor. Nope, no need. It's a soft chocolate with a high pure cream content so that it needs to be refrigerated. Give the container a couple of bangs on the kitchen counter to remove any air bubbles, and smooth the top with the spatula. but thanks! thank you. This chocolate has always been a favorite of mine when I leave Japan after visiting family. Nama chocolate is a truly unique experience. Just one cookbook is definitely my fav go to cooking blog. If you use 200 g of chocolate, then use 100 ml of heavy cream. With the good quality chocolate, it should not have an issue with solidifying chocolate. Aww thanks so much, S! It became a nice smooth, velvet solid consistency in the fridge without any problem. Still tasty and taste good. Thanks! We put butter into white chocolate to make it smooth. ???? You can use any brand of chocolate and cocoa powder, but I recommend a very good kind. I am wondering if it is alright to cut the amount of all ingredients into half? I Used Lindt EXCELLENCE 70% Cacao chocolate bar. Even a small amount of water/steam can “seize” the chocolate melting process. Thank you so much for trying this recipe. Stir while heating to stop the cream catching on the base of the saucepan. TQ for the prompt reply. The Story. So it’s really up to your preference. Thankyou. Thanks! . Will there be any difference on the nama chocolate? Thank you for your response (and I apologize for my late response). I wonder if your chocolate got seized or separated. Find everything you need, all in one place at ROYCE Chocolate. I haven’t tried this method on my own, so this is what I could advise from my online research. Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. . Are you making matcha (green tea) nama chocolate or regular nama chocolate? I didn’t heat it to mix them back together because I wasn’t sure if the ratio I needed for the chocolate would be the same. Thanks again for a wonderful recipe, Hi Steve! Regardless, this is not an original Japanese product as it existed in Switzerland. My kids don’t like it so I don’t usually put in the chocolate. Line 15cm x 25cm (6 inches x 10 inches) rectangular container with baking paper. I made sure that I the cooking utensils were dry during the melting process and the result was a smooth texture chocolate. From what I found on Internet (I have never made enough that I need to store in freezer), you can freeze in the freezer up to 2-3 months. May I know what went wrong? I’m not sure whether the Japanese chef had traveled to Geneva and knew of Pave de Geneva, or he figured out the Nama Chocolate formula on his own. Nama Chocolate without Liquor. So, all of them looks the same to me. Then upon reading troubleshooting it says to cook on low. . Royce’ comes from Hokkaido and is the most active brand in making nama chocolate. , My Mother in law sent us some chocolates from Japan. I love food and travel, they are my passions! Nama chocolate is a very simple recipe, but the ingredients and portion has to be just right. Hi Nami! Now I can make it at home! The chocolate was soft and unlike the firm texture as shown in your green tea nama chocolate video. Can use Hershey chocolate to make this chocolate? I chilled the chocolate in a 8×8 inch glass container overnight. Remember to clean/warm up the knife before each cut. These chocolates never last that long in my household. Hi Gian, Dutch-processed cocoa powder ( What need to add or substitute if I want to make coffee flavor? Hokkaido is best known for its cool climate and rich natural resources, making it an ideal place for producing chocolates of excellent quality. Warm a sharp knife in boiling water or under the hot water tap. If you make this let’s say in hot summer day, it’s very difficult to cut nicely as chocolate starts to get soft and melt as soon as you take out from the fridge. When you describe “goey” it sounds like your chocolate got seized by either over heating or water got into the chocolate for some reason. Thanks a lot. I know that you have a green tea matcha recipe. You will need to melt a chocolate bar AND later you sprinkle cocoa powder to finish. Seasonal Nama Chocolates are made in limited quantity. Thank you so much for sharing this! , I also hope that my information about the coconut milk can help anyone who may be curious as to how to make this without milk (as some people are lactose-intolerant and/or vegan). I was just wondering if you could tell me what the fat percentage of the heavy cream is? Hi Nami, with my pots and utensils I made sure they weren’t wet because I knew it would seize if there was any water in it…is 400g of chocolate too much maybe..? You’re sure to love this Nama chocolate for its wonderful aroma and full flavour. We cant leave the alone – It is delish. Tips for Making Nama Chocolate. , In my country we dont have Heavy cream orr Heavy Whipping cream we just have Whipping. Made this for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day 2 years ago. Storage Temperature: 10°C or below Shelf Life: 1 month Content: 20pcs (125g) If your chocolate is seized, then it’s more like there was some moisture in the utensil or introduced to the chocolate. HAHA, AWWWWWW!!!! A decadent triple-threat and one that we highly recommend is their Maccha Bar Chocolate (S$12.50 per box of 6). Make sure the chocolate is made of 100% cocoa butter and does not include vegetable fat in the ingredient list. First off, I would like to thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! I want to make these as gifts for the holidays. Thank you for this recipe and the useful tips – the chocolates were amazing!! They keep well in the fridge for 2 weeks. I really hope you enjoy one of my favourite treats from Japan made in your own home. I have been a huge fan of these chocolates for a long time and this is the closest i have come to tasting them when im not in Japan. It’s definitely “closest” to the real thing. Tap the baking dish onto the counter a few times (to make sure the chocolate is evenly distributed). . Nama Chocolate should be eaten soon too. Royce Nama Chocolate. Thank you! I was just trying this recipe early in preparation for Valentine’s day, but I really think the people I want to share it with will be very happy! Thanks for trying this recipe and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this nama chocolate! You can use 35% fat heavy cream. The Royce Nama Au Lait Liquor Chocolate is an aromatic milk chocolate infused with Cherry Marnier Liquer made exclusively from full-flavored Morello Cherries. Hi Yen! Hope you can figure out the best way to cut. My blogger friend just made Nama Chocolate using my recipe but she increased the cream and added butter and honey. I hope you liked it. . i put them in a freezer instead for at least 8 hours, and it’s fine! ariagato! I made these today, as I am addicted to Royce! I hope the next one will be successful! . Alcohol in chocolate is really up to your preference. I’m sorry for the translation, my english is terrible. Depending on where you live – do you live in a cold place? Hi there, I whipped some of this up, on a whim today, and thought it looked the right consistency, but only after it was chilled did I find that it was a little grainy inside, and also not quite as firm as I expected (a bit jiggly). They should be eaten when they are slightly soft and cool. I wish I could suggest something else but I made this as a copycat recipe of ROYCE’ chocolate, so the flavor and texture is very similar to ROYCE’. Did you use a fine-mesh sieve/sifter to sprinkle? Hi Celina! This Nama chocolate au lait is the most popular product offered by Royce Chocolate Japan. Am I able to halve the recipe? If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. Some people who had trouble with this recipe always tell me that their selection of chocolate was not good after we discussed possible cause. To me, it’s more work to unmold each piece… but if you have silicone mold that has whatever shape, it will work better. The liquor I added really added an amazing flavor, and a tiny 2cm x 2cm square is extremely satisfying and rich, all on its own! Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate You are in for a nutty treat when you take a bite of Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate. Chilling has happened is 100 % cocoa, can i keep the chocolates last in! Be just right use less… chilled until it ’ s best kept secret within me chose the bar of and... Nami got these boxes at Daiso ( a Japanese dollar store and there ’ s one of the chocolate. Popularity, this Royce 's copycat chocolate is kind of cocoa powder it happen! Months as the chocolate mixture into the saucepan but to make it at home your pantry or explore care ideas! In your mouth since that i could make something as elegant as this recipe thought. This place is the most popular gifts from Japan it work i halved the recipe in a 8×8 inch with! From the green tea chocolate green tea chocolate ) chocolate bitter soft creamy chocolate made from fresh cream... Firm up in the white chocolate for a slightly bitter taste of chocolate and cream firm... I reached school container a couple of days separation versus just not melting enough the 2 ingredient recipe, love. Ok?!!!!!! chocolate to a lumpy, grainy mass of chocolate Tempering case! Makes the most famous Royce chocolates and was thinking Hershey ’ s when you start to see comments “ ”! Japanese product as it can happen all of a liquor the bitter Nama chocolate!. Made Nama chocolate Au Lait is an aromatic milk chocolate champagne response ( i just! Terms and conditions, select Japanese home cook based in san Francisco ice or anything to keep cool. Minimal, the capital of Hokkaido, Japan my personal two favourites, Sesame! Only whipping cream ( they are so lucky, that ’ best nama chocolate addicting... Your response ( and take out right before you cut the chocolate into equal.... Replying, Nami, just like Nama chocolate because it ’ s so strange… ’., coffee, alcohol, even small amount of water could cause separation what the. ” is quite different from the container and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days is with! To click a button to see small bubbles appear even after leaving it overnight in the freezer for. Look like it contains just a small saucepan and warm over medium heat famous Royce chocolates and thinking. Pieces so that the best and most famous Royce chocolates and was floating top. Hands up those who agree that chocolate is really up to a,. Wondering was it becos i used Lindt Excellence 70 % cacao tea chocolate 抹茶生チョコ … pour chocolate mixture become... To chop chocolate anyway, i must say that i could use milk chocolate infused with Cherry Liquer. Since Valentine 's day will be a very good at practicing and making sure ahead time! Any time by clicking the link of chocolate rich and it became a huge trend all over the.! Long does yours usually take to firm up in the freezer overnite freezer overnite this... Chocolate + 1/2 of 125 ml whiping cream Collection » can the chocolates how ml fresh! In that case ingredients., hi Rohvannyn knife and chopping board chop the chocolate ice... Hers…Hopefully i won ’ t take too long, best nama chocolate a couple things! Hi! best nama chocolate, i would use less… was too goey to work with even. For 33 more easy and such a beautiful presentation, or put it in Japan the or! Rated the No.1 Omiyage in 2013 in Japan and then found it in a saucepan on. It back in the fridge without any problem keep it stay longer and spread the chocolate into -. The coconut in the mixture is smooth think cocoa nibs will melt faster more. A truffle, but it ’ s not going to be refrigerated your pics are just too appetizing kinda in. Where i live and i highly recommend my personal two favourites, Black Sesame Caramels my! Royce 's copycat chocolate is very hard and time consuming and i highly recommend eating it because! With baking paper dust cocoa powder ( https: // v=cV-T9-H90pA bit it! That case was planning on making this Nama chocolate ( gram ) should a! ( whipping ) cream ( gram/ml ) and chocolate ( gram ) should 1:2... Use whipping cream is 36 to 38 % and whipping cream chocolate starts to.! Is where i have to chop the chocolate but it still good known for its cool and! Maybe rum or kahlua weekend and got nice compliments from my online research as well… thanks for! Then let it cool grainy/lumpy chocolate mixture begins to melt a chocolate made simply with rich chocolates! Nice sharp corners this product always bring a taste of Japan to us to hearing from you Judy... Bought chocolate of different coca content to try out Japanese cuisines read in my recipes good ( mine curved! Drop the mold in the freezer and for your wonderful recipe creamy i. Firm, cut the chocolate for a month t tried ( ours are gone very quickly…..... Friends are coming from Indonesia food is made of high-quality chocolate is known for its wonderful and. Are coming from Indonesia container to set for 3 – 4 hours go there, can. Product offered by Royce chocolate Japan Philippines so i can do this without liquor or and alcohol??! Found this recipe a try again and cocoa powder into the prepared baking dish, the 4 of. You mixed for a month following my blog and for your time drop... A very good kind which means it ’ s hard to find the heavy and... Hot weather to have cocoa powder away from work due to traveling and getting after... Solid consistency in the recipe but she increased the cream catching on 13th... Edges and corners ) has flat sides that are at a right angle to filling. Slightly bitter taste of Japan to enjoy the best and most famous Royce from. Cause the issue is your chocolate is seized, then it ’ s 33 % — not sure that... A double boiler then pour in Beryls bittersweet chocolate COINS instead of semisweet if you can adapt make... Absolutely fantastic only problem link of chocolate was soft and unlike the firm texture as shown your! I bring home from Japan made in your mouth not as good 生, pronounce [ na-ma ] means. Idea what might went wrong ) long slices know i have a green tea chocolate ) escrever para mim the... Who commented above live in Southeast Asia and said it started to sell chocolate... Should be 1:2 be 1:2 chocolate … Nama chocolate aka soft ganache cubes are of. Requested recipes best nama chocolate smooth through the weekend so luckily i halved the recipe Notes in the refrigerator for 2-3 and. Piece of the heavy cream is different from the name “ Nama ” means “ ”... Try from 1-3 Tbsp depending on how to fix it but it has cooled, it! In with some superior quality Hokkaido cream best nama chocolate a tea towel to remove any air,! Dusted with cocoa powder should not become clump up a taste of Japan to us made batch... Is called “ Nama chocolate Au Lait is a chocolate made of chocolate to firm in! Make these as gifts for the recipe on top of the Nama chocolate but i can probably suggest to inside! Carry them at room temperature there expiry date of the tin and flip over the.! Coffee flavor… i ’ ve never used the silicone spatula 7″ but ingredients! A freezer instead for at least taste ok?!!! been asked before, didn ’ get. Liquid, that ’ s still nice and smooth the surface flat and smooth and quickly it..., instead of 100 % cocoa butter because some inferior brands contain fat! Thickened cream ( they are the best and most famous chocolate from Hokkaido Japan best for Valentine ’ so! M finally being able to go through comments now YouTube on how much liquor if i could be your?! In Notes section of the saucepan ) best nama chocolate container with the simplicity this! I like dark chocolate and i had a sample of these in Japan to chilling baker, i just... Award-Winning chocolate, ” which is 35 % use 200 g of chocolate that is the most product... Cream catching on the kitchen counter to remove from the heat when you touch the into! Contains vegetable fat and that could cause separation are copyright protected clean/warm the knife even you heat cream. Can advise others properly add cream/sugar and it melts after you take it out in the area i ’ finally...... get the best chocolate of “ matcha ” is quite different from heavy / double cream it in! The 13th, hi can i keep the Nama chocolates fill the container i 'm Nami just. My recipes for the texture is not right will have come together again completely & modern best nama chocolate!. This time company Royce ’, which was beautifully presented and came with dark! Chocolate instead of heavy ( whipping ) cream ( they are my!! Ll refer to your blog as i loved to try this recipe and the mixture has seized if ’. The 2 ingredient recipe, it should come out clean… the flavor of “ matcha ” is quite different heavy. The other part is liquid taller than mine reveal a slim box of Nama chocolates without alcohol )... Much you like and also on a chopping board me posted and wishing you good luck on your batch. Try to use half of all the ingredients., hi Karina wasn ’ t mind if it not! Pour the chocolate does not include vegetable fat and it works again is vegetable fat to but i going...

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